Admin Password randomizer SCCM Extension

Admin Password ramdomizer is a tool that randomizes the Local Administrator password and stores it in an encrypted manor in Active Directory and/or SCCM.

  • Uses public / private keys to encrypt password
  • Can update password in IBCM or new cloud management gateway environments
  • Can update password directly in Active Directory on corpnet
  • Allows protection of password using DACL on Active Directory property
  • Use existing property or schema extension property as you see fit
  • Use Active Directory auditing or SCCM auditing to monitor clear text password requests
  • Control Character set including the ability to avoid ambiguous characters
  • Integrates into SCCM, the number 1 systems management tool
    • Allows for easy scheduling
    • Monitoring the success of applying policies
    • Integration into your staging process
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The Admin password randomizer extends SCCM with a tasksequence step, and an admin UI extension to request the passwords.

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