Impact of new sup settings

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While checking all the software update configuration options due to the issue I encountered with the other changes, I also noticed a new option being available in the Supersedence Rules section of the Software Update Point Properties


As you can see, we can now individually control supersedence behavior for feature and non-feature updates. I assume most of you still use task sequences for feature upgrades, so the impact of this change is currently still very limited I think.

Possible impact of changes

When we configure a software update process, we usually create different rings/waves. An example of such a process can be like this :

Collection Name Software available time Installation Deadline
Technical Pilot ADR Run time (ADR) ADR + 1 day
Business Pilot ADR + 7 days ADR + 10 days
Production Wave 1 ADR + 14 days ADR + 28 days
Production Wave 2 ADR + 16 days ADR + 30 days

Since I live in Europe, we use the “offset” feature to evaluate the ADR 1 day after patch tuesday (in the evening).

The result here is that the people in Production wave 2 will have their software updates enforced 31 days after patch tuesday at 9PM,so basically the installation starts on the 32nd day after patch tuesday.
At least in most environments I encounter, most end users will still wait for the deadline to have their software updates installed, although they had 2 weeks notice…


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