The best of MEM, must read fridays - wk2211 .

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This post highlights the most interesting blogs, tweets and articles I’ve read relating to MEM in the past week.


To stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the MEM and Windows management realm I read a ton of stuff. A serious amount of community effort and a similar amount of items Microsoft puts out. The amount of things being put out is all incredibly valuable, and covers all types of knowledge depth imaginable. On a weekly basis I am going to try and shine a light on some of those items that I personally believe you must read. I’ll equally add my view as to why I believe this is something you should probably look into. Items appear in random order.

Item 1

This is just a simple tweet by @Love Arvidsson, but the animated GIF with it is spot on. I’ve been doing SMS, ConfigMgr, MEMCM for more than 2 decades and I am a bit of a keyboard junky. A set of ConfigMgr Admin UI shortcuts that I didn’t know about to switch between the different workblades.

Item 2

One of the things admins are looking for in Autopilot deployments is find a way to trigger things as swiftly as possible post the end of Autopilot. Autopilot doesn’t handle the order of policies which can be inconvenient at times. Triggering things post the Autopilot completion is one to achieve this. Nial Brady has a way that was shared with the community to achieve this. Damien now shared a new way to get this done. Having additional options is always a plus. Automatically adding devices to an Azure AD group when Autopilot completes with PowerShell and Azure Automation

Item 3

Another one in the application control realm. This picture by the New Zealand government shared by Lance Spitzner peaked my interest. It shows the lifecycle of ransomware incident. The interesting bit het here is the “bottleneck” in Consolidation and preparation. Interesting because the areas Lateral Movement & Privilege escalation are exactly where an application control implementation shines.

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