The best of MEM, must read fridays - wk2205 .

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This post highlights the most interesting blogs, tweets and articles I’ve read relating to MEM in the past week.


I figured I’d try and start something new. To stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the MEM and Windows management realm I read a ton of stuff. A serious amount of community effort and a similar amount of items Microsoft puts out. The amount of things being put out is all incredibly valuable, and covers all types of knowledge depth imaginable. On a weekly basis I am going to try and shine a light on some of those items that I personally believe you must read. I’ll equally add my view as to why I believe this is something you should probably look into. Items appear in random order.

Item 1

A sneak peek into things to come by @mariussmellum Checking out Azure AD cross tenant access policies. I have an interest in Conditional Access & compliance policies, so a sneak peek definitely caught my attention. I particularly like how Marius explained how he managed to find some unreleased documentation for the feature. Kudo’s.

Item 2

Numerous organisations will want to avoid having multiple Teams installations on a business device. You can argue back and forth around removing apps natively built-in, I have a lot of sympathy for the request to remove these. This has a ready made solution to do this in a feature update Remove built-in Teams app and Chat Icon in Windows 11 during a Feature Update via SetupConfig.ini and SetupComplete.cmd

Item 3

Remote help for Intune and Microsoft Endpoint Manager A post on Remote help, a feature largely missing in action and desparately needed in the new increased work from home scenario. Jörgen gives a great overview of what the feature is and what it is not. Like Jörgen I hope we get an unattended admin option soon, that’s the biggest gap according to me. Providing remote support is something I can handle through a teams screen sharing session. The bit about doing admin-level stuff in a user’s session has always made me nervous.

Item 4

A somewhat a-typical one to close this week out, this tweet by @DrAzureAD peaked my interest quite a bit. by @nikhil_mitt. Not a blog, just a short tweet, and not exactly the MEM but the AzureAd space, but boy it kept me busy. I’ve tried to clear my schedule but failed, this is something I really want to attend soon’ish.

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