The best of MEM, must read fridays - wk2209 .

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This post highlights the most interesting blogs, tweets and articles I’ve read relating to MEM in the past week.


To stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the MEM and Windows management realm I read a ton of stuff. A serious amount of community effort and a similar amount of items Microsoft puts out. The amount of things being put out is all incredibly valuable, and covers all types of knowledge depth imaginable. On a weekly basis I am going to try and shine a light on some of those items that I personally believe you must read. I’ll equally add my view as to why I believe this is something you should probably look into. Items appear in random order.

Item 1

Using pro-active remediations, the Configuration Items from the Intune world, to detect, communicate and remove Unsupported applications. An interesting usecase for Proactive Remediation by @jankeskanke and @byteben. Interesting as a solution but probably even more so to demonstrate how much management overhead and security risks you introduce by allowing end-users to install apps by themselves. Use Proactive Remediations to pop a Toast Notification when Unsupported Apps are found

Item 2

One of the things a number of admins has to learn is how to do troubleshooting for workloads delivered from Intune. Several admins out there have years of experience in troubleshooting using #ConfigMgr logs. These quite clearly aren’t used for Intune related functionalities. This blog has a pretty extensive amount of detail on how installing a win32 app is installed by the Intune Management Extension.

Intune Win32 App Issues Troubleshooting Client-Side Process Flow

Item 3

One of the many pieces of the puzzle you’ll need to replace your GPO’s with Intune settings management. Manage Power Settings via Microsoft Intune a blog by @MMelkersen @kennethvs and @SandeRozemuller

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