At MMS MOA 2016, the best ConfigMgr community event world-wide globally, Tom Degreef and I delivered a session about a deep dive into Configuration Manager policies.

3 Sponsors created a wrap-up video of the entire event, that you can find here:

At around minute 4:50, they have a call-out to our session, and the comments were really nice to hear. We tried to deliver a real deep session, as that is what the “A through Z and back”-theme is all about. As such the shout-out as being the deepest most technical session is very well received, thank you. There are a couple of items I’d like to clarify.

We did intro our session as a level 600 deep-dive, but didn’t do that on us calling it so, but because when we had someone that knows policies really, really well warned us that we should probably start with a heads up that we were going to do a little more than scratch the surface. The reviewer called it out as 600-level (at the Hotel bar, mind you). Which is most likely the most insane thing about MMS MOA, you wouldn’t believe the conversations going on at 11:30 PM at the bar.

But most importantly, the video makes a note that our “demo’s” aka SQL statements aren’t to be found from the powerpoints. To be absolutely clear, all of our Investigative SQL statement are available. 90% are in the slide notes. But all of them, and a ton of additional investigative queries we couldn’t get to in an hour are available in the .sql file uploaded alongside the powerpoint.

You can download both here:

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