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Image lifecycle

Image Lifecycle management is a licensable service that delivers a condensed and updated image to use during the staging of new machines as well as upgrade to a new Windows 10 version. This reduces deployment times by decreasing the network bandwidth needed and avoiding the deployment of software updates after the initial staging.

The image is further enhanced so that it always contains the latest Windows 10 Setup files. This increases the success rate of upgrades by incorporating fixes to the setup process as released by Microsoft.

Basic Image Lifecycle management Automated Windows 10 Image Lifecycle management with SCCM
Once customers receive the update it is their responsibility to import the new image into their staging process.

E.g.: This means importing the image, distributing it to all necessary distribution points, and updating the tasksequences that need to use the new image going forward on a monthly basis.

Machines will use the older image until this manual update has been performed by the IT department of the customer.
The automated Windows 10 image lifecycle management with sccm is an add-on to the basic image lifecycle management service.

This add-on enables fully automated integration of the new images into the customer’s SCCM environment avoiding the need for manual monthly actions and allowing for a complete hands-off approach.

Customers can set a delay before the current images are replaced with the most recent as a safeguard against software updates that have challenges.

Windows 10 Upgrades

Windows 10 is released 2 times a year, with a March and September release. This offer provides customers with a task sequence that allows upgrading from the current build to the new build. This tasksequence incorporates OSCC’s years long experience and expertise in building reliable and robust task sequences.
One tasksequence a year is provided within this offer for the first September release following the signing of this offer.

The upgrade tasksequence is made available 3 months post the original release of the Windows 10 build. 2 days of assistance is included in this offer to tailor this tasksequence to the customer’s environment.

Windows 10 evening workshops

Twice a year a Windows 10 workshop is organized in conjunction with other customers that have signed up for this offer. During these workshops the main new features in a Windows 10 build for It-Pro’s and end-users are explained and/or demonstrated. Knowledge sharing amongst customers around the table, around communication, feature implementations, lessons learned etc. are highly encouraged. Setting up communication with the end users is considered an important prerequisite for a successful upgrade practice.

The workshop regarding the September release will include more details around the tasksequence, the important steps in it, and guidance on how to make the best use of all the tools available to you to make your upgrades as smooth as possible.

SCCM Upgrades

We help customers stay up to date by having the SCCM servicing done for them. This means a consultant will take care of the updates after they are released. This part of the service consists of:

  • Monitoring for new releases available
  • Validate pre-requisites are in order prior to launching the upgrade
  • Validate a successful backup is in place
  • Perform the Upgrade
  • Post upgrade validation by using simulated SCCM Client actions
  • Setup the SCCM Client upgrade process in line with customer’s release management practices.

Last but not least, this service comes with guidance around new functionality in the build that is considered worthwhile by an OSCC consultant. These new builds come with a large number of new functionalities. Some of that functionality is as simple to implement as clicking a checkbox, other items require more work. Deciding what to do first and what delivers the most bang for the buck can be somewhat challenging.

How much does this Stay Current offer cost?

The stay current offer is priced at 5.840€ for the option with Basic Image Lifecycle management. The version with Automated Windows 10 Image Lifecycle management with SCCM is priced at 7.040€.

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