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ATKey Card Features

  • No More Password: Portable key for Windows, Mac, or Chromebook, enjoying the passwordless login to Microsoft Azure AD or FIDO2 services.
  • Multiple Interfaces to fit all scenarios: Smart Badge type security card can communicate with the host through USB/BLE/NFC interfaces, including FIDO2 and FIDO U2F.
  • High Performace: FAR < 1/50,000, FRR <3%, and matching time < 1 second.
  • No additional software required: With our patent “standalone enrollment,” you can register fingerprints to the ATKey Card much easier and faster than all the existing products.
  • Fingerprint is your best password: With the built-in Egis fingerprint sensor, you can enjoy the risk-free login with something you have (ATKey Card), something you know (Pin Code), and something you are (fingerprint).


ATKey Card Benefits

Gartner Group studies reflect an average of 20%-50% of all help desk calls is password resets. AuthenTrend’s ATKey Card enables Fingerprint to be your best password. Through FIDO2 to interact with ATKey, you can easily have your secured authentication with biometric identity to build a passwordless and worry-free IT ecosystem, and AuthenTrend’s ATKey Card integrates natively into Azure Active Directory.


One ATKey Card with Different Interfaces

  • Bluetooth: Passwordless login Azure AD and FIDO2 services, and it can also serve BLE location tracking for the badge owner.
  • NFC: Fingerprint matching to boost NFC for permission to door locker, card reader, kiosk, and Azure AD login through NFC reader any ISO 14443 Mifare Type A (for 13.56MHz NFC reader) reader.
  • USB: FIDO2 USB key for Passwordless Azure AD login and also doing battery charging in parallel.

Supported Apps

Facebook, G Suite, Twitter, Microsoft Azure AD, AWS, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Other

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