ConfigMgr LTSB, ‘The do NOT use Edition.’!

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Really, I can’t be more clear than that, don’t ever use it.


The ConfigMgr product team announced a new edition of the latest version of Configuration Manager. In line with the Windows team they decided to call this new edition LTSB. I assume because the message about Windows LTSB was clear as mud and was an excellent example of strong communication.

The LTSB version has severe limitations, both now, and in regards to future option.

The announcement blog has a page pointing to documentation which is titled

Which branch should I use?

That page contains, 1516 words, or 9699 characters. So I’ll summarize it here for you. USE Current Branch!

That’s all folks.

For those of you still reading, IMHO, the LTSB edition is there to solve the one specific scenario in the blog post when you let your usage rights on ConfigMgr expire. It’s there to solve a legal/licensing issue, and for nothing else.

It doesn’t support anything new, doesn’t support Windows 10 CB/CBB, has no plans for support of any new Windows 10 LTSB that hasn’t been released to date. There’s only the guarantee of 10 years of security updates.

Which branch of Configuration Manager should I use?

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